Tuesday, May 18, 2010

PH 233, Color Photography, Final Project


The concept I chose for my final project is the “Emergence of Spring”. As winter comes to a close and spring ramps up into full swing I went on a search for plant life as it was emerging from it's winter nap.

I believe the theme I choose is an important theme, not only to my intended audience but to myself. As another cold Montana winter comes to a close it is important to me to realize that the beauty of summer is fast approaching and with the snow and cold of winter brings the warmth and beauty of spring and summer. As much as I enjoy these images and the subject matter now, this project is one I will be sure to put aside to enjoy next winter and to remind me of what is forthcoming after enduring the harsh, cold times.

My ideal audience for this project is anyone who enjoys the simple beauty of nature. An audience that can appreciate the simpler things in life and can appreciate that these living beings have survived the winter to come back to life as spring time once again comes to our part of this planet.