Saturday, May 19, 2012


It is the ordinary scene that I often find myself attracted to when doing my photography. The area often traveled but rarely noticed for more than just a short moment. Had someone stopped to think about the area they might see there is more than meets the eye. Places that mean more to days gone by...areas that might possibly have more history than meets the casual eye today.

Railroads were once the primary means of transportation for the American people. Though still active, it is more in the movement of freight and less in the movement of people. Many miles of railroad tracks lay idle across our great nation, symbols of the once ever popular transportation system now taking a backseat to the concrete ribbons of highways that move us around nowadays. Along these tracks are many relics of the golden days of the railroad; signs, signals and support buildings. Like the tracks they stand near, some are cared for while others are left to deteriorate in the weather....soon to be nothing more than a memory.